In addition to its commitment to its clients, SMSI is committed to the people and communities where we operate. We believe in corporate citizenship; we believe that we can make a difference. As a company and as individuals, we participate in community activities and offer our time and talents to local organizations that strive to improve the quality of life and education. Our commitment and our participation encompass:

  • Adopting needy families, so that those who are less fortunate than we are will enjoy a festive holiday
  • Contributing to others in need:
    • ARC Disaster Services and the Medically Fragile Children’s Program
    • Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center Paducah, KY
    • Catholic Action Center Lexington, KY
    • Pike County Outreach Council Waverly, Ohio
  • Volunteering to support STEM, school science fairs and school sports
  • Supporting local arts groups, such as the Moving People Dance Theatre
  • Supporting YMCA in Los Alamos, Summer Concert Series, and arts groups, such as the Moving People Dance Theatre
  • Sponsoring Adventure Racing teams from Los Alamos (as seen on Outdoor Life Networks and ESPN)