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Transportation Operations Planning and Implementation

Transportation Operations Planning and Implementation

In support of the U.S. Global Threat Reduction Initiative, SMSI assesses physical security and port security for shipment of spent nuclear fuel from research reactors in the U.S and abroad. We evaluate security elements and posture in coordination with host nation military and police organizations. Expertise includes coordinating material movements worldwide:

  • Developing transportation security plans and shipment logistics
  • Assessing security routes and courier procedures for compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), DOE, Department of Transportation, and international standards
  • Developing security plans for domestic and international shipments of hazardous materials in ports, cross-country, and on the high seas
  • Recommending shipment protection strategies to ensure effective S&S, emergency procedures, and safety measures
  • Coordinating with embassies and with military and police units to obtain local threat information for shipment threat analyses

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