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Startup Planning and Execution

Startup Planning and Execution

SMSI offers expert support to clients who are starting up or restarting nuclear facilities. Our services begin at the initial planning and scheduling stage, continue through development of procedures, and culminate in transition to operations support. Throughout the process, we maintain a strong focus on safety and quality requirements. Our people have nuclear operations and startup experience in the federal (including national laboratory), power generation, and fuel cycle arenas. We:

  • Prepare and manage integrated resource-loaded schedules for startup, restart, and operation of hazardous and nuclear facilities
  • Analyze critical path activities to develop work-arounds and contingency plans that minimize schedule risk
  • Provide detailed planning for startup testing, acceptance, and turnover, from the construction or maintenance stage to the transition to operations
  • Develop inspection, test, maintenance, and operations procedures for systems, subsystems, and components
  • Develop plans for component, subsystem, system, and integrated system testing
  • Determine maintenance needs by analyzing and integrating safety basis requirements, vendor recommendations, and industry standards
  • Prepare operational procedures to implement technical safety requirements and other safety basis requirements
  • Develop conduct of operations programs, plans, and procedures and provide technical support for implementation
  • Develop operational procedures to address both normal and off-normal conditions

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