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Systems and Operational Engineering Support

Systems and Operational Engineering Support

Current nuclear industry standards mandate strict adherence to systems engineering for design and data development; these standards also require implementation of conduct of engineering and conduct of operations. The requirements apply both to new facilities and to the retrofit, expansion, or upgrade of facilities that are already in operation. To help clients achieve technical accuracy and compliance with requirements, we:

  • Perform field verifications and validations of as-built configurations
  • Develop or revise drawings, specifications, system design descriptions, and other technical baseline documents
  • Perform design reconstitution for legacy safety systems; this includes gathering data (operational, maintenance, and modification history) and creating a design basis that conforms to standards
  • Collect, organize, and trend operational and maintenance performance histories to assess reliability and to recommend changes in periodicity or technical approach that will improve performance and reliability
  • Evaluate safety system performance to address the effects of deteriorating physical condition, material aging, or obsolescence of key components
  • Conduct failure modes and effects analyses to determine the potential consequences of a system or component failure
  • Perform event and fault tree modeling to determine potential accident sequences, the likelihood of failures, and the reliability of safety systems

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