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Safeguards and Security Support to Defense Nuclear Security

Safeguards and Security Support to Defense Nuclear Security

DOE/National Nuclear Security Administration


SMSI provides expert nuclear materials safeguards and security consulting services to NNSA headquarters and field elements. Consulting includes planning, training, surveys and assessments, and management support.


Series of successive task order contracts.


2009 - Present


Through a series of related and consecutive contracts with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory from 2009-present, SMSI provides technical assistance to NNSA in the safeguards and security (S&S) topical areas, in support of the NA-70 Defense Nuclear Security Field Assistance Program. This program provides technical support to NNSA’s oversight processes such as surveys, program reviews, issue trending analysis, staff development/training, and program development activities that evaluate or implement S&S programs.

SMSI support includes providing safeguards and security expertise to the federal staff throughout the NNSA Complex and has proven essential to sustaining and improving performance and compliance. Recent S&S work activities include ongoing technical support to the NNSA Production Office (at the Pantex Plant and the Y-12 National Security Complex), the Los Alamos Field Office, and the Nevada Field Office. We provide survey support, risk analysis, project reviews, assessments, surveillances, issue tracking and trending, causal analysis and corrective action plan development, and site-specific survey training.

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