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Safeguards and Security Support to DOE and NNSA

Safeguards and Security Support to DOE and NNSA

Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration


SMSI provides expert nuclear materials safeguards and physical security consulting services to DOE and NNSA headquarters, field, and M&O elements. Consulting includes planning, training, assessments, and management support.


Series of successive task order contracts with DOE and NNSA (directly) as well as various prime contractors.


2009 - Present


Through a series of related and consecutive contracts from 2009-present, SMSI provides technical assistance to DOE and NNSA Safeguards and Security (S&S) topical areas in support of the NA-70 Defense Nuclear Security Field Augmentation Cadre program and to their efforts in Materials Protection, Control, and Accountability (MPC&A) for Non-proliferation programs sponsored by the US in the former Soviet Union (e.g., Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries).

Support to NA-70 provided various safeguards and security support and technical services to the federal staff throughout the NNSA Complex and has proven essential to sustaining and improving performance and compliance. This program provides technical support to NNSA's oversight processes such as surveys, program reviews, issue trending analysis, staff development/training, and program development activities which either evaluate or implement S&S programs.

Recent S&S work activities include ongoing technical support to the NNSA Pantex Site Office, training at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, assessments at Los Alamos National Laboratory, support at the Nevada National Security Site, modification of S&S lesson plans, and instruction for the DOE Basic Survey Course.

Support to MPC&A programs similarly includes a broad array of technical and support services including training for Russian, Ukrainian, and other personnel in country on the various requirements and techniques for MPC&A. Work includes curricula development, instruction, and assessments.

The NA-70 client specifically requested SMSI's support for the DOE Basic Survey course. Work was performed on time and within budget.

Unique features of SMSI's support include:

  • Effectively adapt to evolving client priorities with no or little notice
  • Assist federal and contractor client challenges related a myriad of management and technical issues that arise at different sites
  • Assist contractors in responding to evolving NA-70 initiatives and expectations

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