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Performance Assurance and Organizational Improvement

Performance Assurance and Organizational Improvement

Performance assurance is a bottomline leadership oriented approach to deliver products or services which satisfy or exceed the full range of client expectations and requirements (functional and performance, quality assurance and control, cost and schedule). Performance assurance encompasses traditional quality assurance and control programs but more specifically applies those tools with an unwavering focus on satisfying client needs. Secondly, SMSI's performance assurance approach minimizes bureaucratic processes that little added value and do not deliver products and services that meet requirements.

SMSI's performance assurance services are effective because our professionals have the right skill sets and diverse experience in managing and executing projects; these two factors allow us to understand the challenges our clients face. Our people have successful track records in analyzing why an organization is performing poorly and recommending effective approaches to improve performance and place the organization on the path to sustained excellence.

Our performance assurance offerings include

Performance and Organization Improvement

Incremental and continuing performance improvement may involve changes to organizational structure, management, leadership, and processes. We help clients evaluate and map the strength and weakness of various options for organizational structures, management roles and responsibilities, leadership assignments, and processes. We recommend practical ways to implement reforms to enhance performance. To maintain peak performance over time, we train and mentor senior managers and first-line supervisors on change management.

SMSI professionals and managers have proven track records in performance assurance derived from experience at multiple DOE and NNSA sites (e.g., Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, DOE Oak Ridge, Nevada National Security Site, Pantex, and others), US Department of Homeland Security, US Army Corps of Engineers, within the commercial power industry, and in industrial and commercial construction.

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