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Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality must be built into a project or program upfront; it cannot be added on or forced in through inspection. Quality must also infuse all aspects of work by every project participant. At SMSI, we plan for quality from the outset to ensure that quality-related activities are not overlooked or omitted when tasks multiply and pressures mount. We help our clients develop compliant and effective QA program plans that fulfill the requirements of professional and government entities such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Welding Society, American Institute of Steel Construction, Department of Energy (DOE), and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
We provide support, training, mentoring, and leadership on QA program development and implementation, including:

  • ISO 9000/14001 program development and implementation
  • Development and effectiveness review of processes and procedures
  • Subcontractor compliance surveillance
We provide training, mentoring, and leadership in nuclear programs such as:
  • Conduct of operations
  • Conduct of maintenance
  • Conduct of engineering
  • Investigations
  • Project management, estimating, scheduling, and tracking
Once the client's QA program is in place, we provide continuing support through QA/QC management, verification, and inspections: for example, we:
  • Lead or support vendor and supplier qualifications and audits
  • Develop and/or support a materials QC program
  • Lead or support field receipt inspections, acceptance inspections, and testing
  • Support QC inspections - for example, subcontractor programs, welding, mechanical, materials inspections, and nondestructive evaluations

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