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Program Management and Planning

Program Management and Planning

Our program managers, engineering managers, and engineers have planned and executed projects ranging from small facility modifications to multibillion-dollar grassroots efforts. We are particularly adept at helping corporate contractors meet the ever-increasing demands of the Department of Energy (DOE) Order 413.3A and associated implementation guides for projects of all types. We have a demonstrated ability to translate DOE requirements into practical and useful planning and guidance documents that enable project teams to succeed. We work side by side with client personnel to:

  • Create program management plans that satisfy the dual needs of industry and federal government clients
  • Create strategic management plans for complex programs and long-duration projects that are integrated with federal budgeting requirements
  • Prepare deliverable packages – DOE critical-decision submittals (CD-0 through CD-4), technical independent project reviews, external independent reviews, quality assurance audits, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board reviews, and corporate reviews
  • Prepare project execution plans – integrating requirements, dependencies, resources, costs, and risks; including web-based processes to integrate remote suppliers, such as architect-engineer designers, with the project team
  • Perform gap analyses – comparing project activities against contractual requirements and project planning documents

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