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Physical Security

Physical Security

SMSI professionals assess the physical security of government and commercial facilities and develop security plans to mitigate threats. Implementation of these plans and enhancements (both system and procedural) provides a basis for effective security programs. Areas of SMSI expertise include:

  • Development of preliminary planning requirements for design and construction of sensitive security areas, such as property protection or limited areas
  • Preparation of detailed physical protection scopes, integrated schedules, and resource plans for complex DOE facilities throughout the critical design phases
  • Development of specifications for upgrading physical security
  • Development of integrated access control system plans
  • Identification of security sensors that meet DOE and industry specifications and standards
  • Design and conduct of security system performance tests and tabletops
  • Support for protective force strategies by -
    • Analyzing and quantifying protective force objectives, requirements, and performance
    • Developing schedules, cost estimates, allocation processes, and execution plans for deployment and maintenance of site, facility, and transportation security protective forces
    • Testing and evaluating equipment

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