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Safety Basis Development, Review, and Implementation

Safety Basis Development, Review, and Implementation

Safety basis development and implementation involve myriad, complex, and highly structured processes, procedures, and analyses. SMSI helps its clients develop safety basis documentation, evaluate potential safety issues, and track safety basis implementation. We:

  • Develop processes and procedures to implement safety basis requirements - e.g., surveillance requirements, limiting conditions of operation, administrative controls, and in-service inspections
  • Develop processes and procedures for development and review of hazard identification and analysis, accident analysis, and configuration management
  • Develop and review hazard analyses - e.g., process hazard reviews and preliminary hazard analyses
  • Develop and review accident analyses - e.g., event and fault tree models, fire growth and compartment models, hazardous and radioactive material dispersion models, and dose receptor models
  • Evaluate facilities and processes for criticality safety (storage, handling, or processing of fissile material)
  • Conduct unreviewed safety question (USQ) screenings and USQ determinations to assess the implications of proposed changes, new information, or discovered conditions

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