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Nuclear Material Control and Accountability

Nuclear Material Control and Accountability

SMSI personnel have implemented programs for nuclear material control and accountability (NMC&A) throughout the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration. We place particular emphasis on integrating NMC&A programs with other S&S programs. Our expertise includes:

  • Assessment of program impacts resulting from changes in NMC&A requirements
  • Implementation of risk-based models to quantify NMC&A elements as part of the system effectiveness equation
  • Development and conduct of direct, indirect, and tabletop performance tests
  • Evaluation of insider threats and analysis of roll-up credibility
  • Design and conduct of NMC&A training
  • Development and evaluation of material control programs:containment, access controls, and surveillance
  • Development and evaluation of material accountability programs: material categorization, accounting system databases and reports, physical inventory conduct and reconciliation, nuclear material measurements, and measurement control

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