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Integrated Nuclear Planning for the Weapons Program

Integrated Nuclear Planning for the Weapons Program

SMSI has provided integrated and strategic planning support to Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2002. Our support has been essential to the Laboratory’s robust capital development program.Los Alamos National Laboratory


Planning, definition and feasibility studies, reviews, assessments, and Critical Decision package preparation for complex nuclear weapons, institutional, and infrastructure projects.


Series of task order contracts


2002 – Present


SMSI has provided effective engineering and project management support to the Weapons Program Infrastructure office starting in 2002. The program then transitioned into the Integrated Nuclear Planning (INP) Program in 2010. SMSI develops reliable project objectives and technical information to provide realistic definitions of project/program scopes, costs, and schedules, as required by DOE Order 413.3 and associated guidance.

SMSI has led and supported LANL efforts to develop a practical integrated nuclear strategy to revitalize mission-critical nuclear facilities and acquire new assets. This work included (1) helping to develop comprehensive approaches and requirements, (2) coordinating budgets and schedules, and (3) incorporating safeguards-and-security requirements into planning for major system acquisitions and line-item projects. We provide project reviews, assessments, surveillances, strategic planning services, and a full range of project definition studies and implementation plans for many LANL nuclear weapons facility, institutional, and infrastructure projects.

Examples of recent projects include the following:

  • Plutonium Modular Approach Project: SMSI developed (and continues to develop) pre-conceptual and conceptual design inputs for this new HC-2 / SNM Category I Pu Laboratory.
  • Steam System Replacement Project: SMSI developed conceptual design and system requirements for a new central steam system and electrical generation via Combustion Gas Turbine Generators (34MW capacity), as well as consideration of alternate power supplies and building heating schemes.
  • Electrical Power Upgrades at LANL and LLNL: SMSI assisted LLNL and LANL to plan a comprehensive approach to upgrade aging and inadequate electrical systems, including new ductbanks and substations.
  • TA-55 Reinvestment Project Phases I, II and III: SMSI developed the preconceptual design, supported conceptual designs, developed alternative studies, and reviewed detailed design and construction packages for upgrade of numerous facility systems in this HC-2, CAT-I nuclear facility.
  • Advanced Radiography Study: For this pre-conceptual-level study, and in support of the DOE Office of Science, SMSI assisted with the preparation of analyses for conducting experiments at the Nevada National Security Site.
  • Sanitary Effluent Recovery Facility (SERF): We developed the feasibility study and, after advanced conceptual design by others, reviewed the detailed design and construction readiness package, which uncovered technical problems. We then helped to reconfigure the design and approach to assure that the scope and requirements were correct and thus constructible to facilitate required operation.
  • Energetic Materials Characterization Facility (EMCF) Project: Developed preconceptual and conceptual design inputs and project documentation for this high explosives laboratory and R&D center.
  • Dual Axis Hydrodynamic Radiographic Test (DARHT) Facility: Developed a strategic capability plan and assessment for future usage, five year capital investments, and integration approach with LANL’s weapons certification and surety program.
  • “SMSI has proven to be valuable support partner to the Weapons Infrastructure Program Office and has been integral to the success of a number of key LANL projects. They have provided high quality, creative and innovative work products that have met and typically exceeded our expectations...SMSI excelled in developing a client focused relationship to understand the intricacies of assigned tasks, including critical sensitivities...They consistently perform within established budgets and schedules. Based on my experience, SMSI will be a very strong contributor to attaining your organizational goals and meeting performance milestones.”
    —Recommendation letter from LANL Program Manager / Subcontract Technical Representative, September 2012

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