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SMSI maintains teams of professional estimators in New Mexico (Los Alamos and Albuquerque), California (Oakland), and the Washington, DC, area. We know the local markets, contractors, and labor resources. Our estimators average more than 25 years of experience, spanning the range of engineering disciplines, for DOE, commercial, industrial, and high-technology facilities. We apply industry-leading tools and software to:

  • Produce accurate, realistic, and reliable estimates and schedules to predict project completion costs - not just bid costs
  • Develop estimates for all project types - line items, capital equipment, general plant projects, and expense projects for new facilities, utility systems, security systems, capital equipment, operations, and maintenance
  • Develop estimates for all project stages, pre-conceptual through detail design, construction, and commissioning
  • Develop realistic estimates at the feasibility stage, before engineering data are fully defined - we know how to define system requirements (structural, HVAC, electrical) accurately and bound total costs early, minimizing funding and execution risks
  • Support negotiations on contractor change orders and independent check estimates to promote rapid project completion

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