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Engineering Management

Engineering Management

SMSI's engineering management services help our clients coordinate and validate multiple inputs from internal design staff, architect/engineering (A/E) firms, specialty service providers, construction firms, and equipment suppliers. The results include accurate and compliant design and engineering products that satisfy project objectives and can be constructed efficiently, safely, and on time and budget. We:

  • Develop engineering execution strategies and management plans
  • Coordinate and validate inputs from service providers
  • Bridge the gap between engineering and construction so that designs are built as intended
  • Control incorporation of the changes into design media through effective configuration management
For example, SMSI managed the preparation of pre-conceptual and conceptual designs on LANL's TA-55 Reinvestment project, a $200-million effort to revitalize infrastructure systems for an actinide R&D complex. For the TA-55 Radiography project, SMSI helped coordinate inputs from A/E firms and service providers into a cohesive conceptual design. For the CMRR project, SMSI is supporting the coordination of several A/Es, construction firms, and LANL technical personnel contributing to: the design of a Hazard Category 2, Security Category I nuclear facility; the design, procurement, and installation of special facilities equipment, including gloveboxes; and the design and construction of a radiological laboratory, office, and utility support complex.

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