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Department of Energy, Idaho National Laboratory

Department of Energy, Idaho National Laboratory

Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant, under contract to Idaho Treatment Group


Under the 1995 Idaho Settlement Agreement and the Idaho National Laboratory Site Treatment Plan, the Department of Energy is responsible for the characterization, treatment, packaging, shipment and disposal of an estimated 26,500 cubic meters of Mixed Waste currently stored at the Idaho facility. The waste includes DOE laboratory and processing materials from the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in Colorado and various other DOE facilities in Idaho and across the country. The AMWTP Waste — which may consist of mixtures of absorbed liquids with various solid materials, including paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, glass, concrete, metals, and others — is stored in drums, boxes, and bins.
In May 2011, Idaho Treatment Group, of which SMSI was an integrated team member, won the Management and Operations contract for AMWTP.


Integrated Team Subcontractor to Idaho Treatment Group




USMSI provided a wide range of project management services as part of the ITG team. Upon notice to proceed, SMSI mobilized our senior project controls manager to support transition, who was then followed by other staff. Because the prior M&O contractor utilized proprietary management systems, SMSI quickly developed and implemented a full suite of compliant and effective project controls and Earned Value Management Systems, including software, interfaces with financial and data collection systems, business processes, procedures, and training. This was all accomplished well ahead of schedule and well below the initial cost and budget projections for the effort. This enabled effort to focus on developing the performance baseline. Our efforts also resulted in reduced staffing of the project controls and related functions.

SMSI services included:

  • Project controls
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Project management support
  • Develop and maintain the performance baseline
  • Risk management and trending
  • EVMS/performance reporting

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