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Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Project

Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Project

Los Alamos National Laboratory


The Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) Project will consolidate mission-critical capabilities at TA-55 from existing facilities to ensure continuing support of the U.S. stockpile stewardship program. The largest design and construction project ever undertaken at LANL, CMRR encompasses one-of-a-kind facilities including a radiological laboratory/utility/office building (RLUOB) coupled with new equipment installations in PF-4, a Hazard Category 2, Security Category I facility.


$3+ billion


2001 — 2025


SMSI personnel have been integral to the CMRR project since its inception in 2002 through a series of consecutive contracts, with personnel deployed at the project site and in SMSI offices. SMSI personnel have been recognized for outstanding performance as part of the team that was awarded the DOE Secretary's 2013 Award for Project Management Excellence and recently as part of the Critical Decision Preparation Team that was awarded the 2014 Defense Programs Award of Excellence for significant contributions to the Stockpile Stewardship Program.

SMSI services span a broad range of our core capabilities:

  • Project Management and Project Controls
  • Engineering
  • ES&H and Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance Assurance and Organizational Improvement
  • Project reviews and assessments
  • Nuclear Facility Operations and Safety
  • Safeguards and Security
  • Waste Management

Our services and support have resulted in happy and satisfied clients:

"Your hard work and dedication helped the project meet overwhelming technical and administrative challenges to deliver the revised CD-1 package to the National Nuclear Security Administration in record timing! Additionally, the CMRR CD Preparation Team also prepared in record time, CD3A packages for site preparation and long-lead procurement that were submitted extremely early in the project lifecycle. Moreover, the team developed and submitted the CD-1 to CD-2 implementation schedule. All of these submittals were readily approved attesting to the quality of your efforts.
. Without your dedication, commitment, and creativity while serving on the CMRR Critical Decision Preparation Team, LANL would not have been able to meet the challenges for preparing a successful revised CD-1 package, CD-3A packages, or CD-1 to CD-2 implementation plan. These activities are needed to ensure enduring analytical chemistry and materials characterization capabilities are available to support the stockpile program, and these efforts support the goal of ceasing programmatic operations in the existing CMR by 2019-a national commitment to the public."

— Congratulations email to Project Team (including SMSI) from the LANL Principal Associate Directorate for Capital Projects and the Principal Associate Directorate for Weapons Programs, June 2016.

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